Vigilus for Cisco Contact Center

Real-time Contact Center Monitoring

Insightful. Intuitive. Vigilus is the only monitoring solution purpose-built for Cisco Contact Centers.


Integrated Ticketing

Vigilus was built on years of personal experience identifying, troubleshooting, and fixing Contact Center issues. Its elasticsearch easily displays logs from multiple devices in a single screeen. Vigilus is easy to integrate with your favorite TMS such as ServiceNow or Zendesk.

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Troubleshooting starts in Vigilus

Don’t know where to start your Finesse troubleshooting process? Now you don’t have to choose. Vigilus provides an elasticsearch so you can quickly and easily dig into logs across multiple devices and see them all in a single screen, including CVP activity logs. Searching for a customer’s ANI will bring every relevant CCE log as well as all IVR logs instantaneously.

Continuous IVR Monitoring

Your IVR continually evolving through updates, upgrades, and maintenance. Vigilus makes sure your IVR is functioning 24/7. Using state of the art automatic speech recognition, Vigilus constantly calls your IVR and ensures that the right prompting is being played and that the back end systems are functioning as expected. Vigilus will identify problems before your customers do.

Beautiful, Fully Responsive UI

Vigilus provides a fully responsive, mobile friendly, easy to understand dashboard. Every pixel has been carefully arranged to make it easy to comprehend what is going on and if there’s an issue what happens next steps.

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  • Real-time status of Cisco Contact Center components, network connectivity, system performance, and active calls.
  • Easy to understand. A dashboard UI where management and IT can both feel comfortable.
  • Aggregate logs across CCE, CVP VXML applications, and Finesse.
  • Never miss an error: integration to your favorite CRM/TMS like ServiceNow automatically creates tickets, providing the Engineer with troubleshooting steps.
  • Built with the future in mind. Easy to extend or integrate with any API.