Vigilus is Insightful, Real-time Contact Center Monitoring.

Kick up the game with the only monitoring solution built for Cisco Contact Centers.

Vigilus desktop and mobile interface
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 Vigilus alarm interface

A legacy of smart & effective problem solving

Vigilus was designed and built based years of experience identifying, troubleshooting, and successfully resolving Contact Center issues.

Interface that exemplifies that Vigilus provides elastic search to quickly and easily drill down into records

The go-to place to start troubleshooting

Vigilus provides an elastic search to quickly and easily dig into logs, including CVP activity logs, across multiple devices - and see them all in a single screen. Search for a customer’s ANI and locate every relevant CCE log and IVR logs instantaneously.

24/7 state-of-the-art IVR monitoring

Vigilus guarantees your IVR is functioning 24/7 to stay on top of updates, upgrades, and maintenance. Using state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition, Vigilus constantly calls your IVR to ensure both prompting and back end systems are functioning.

A dashboard that changes the game

Imagine a well-designed, fully-responsive, mobile-friendly, easy-to-read, beautiful dashboard. That’s Vigilus.

Vigilus desktop and mobile interface


Real-Time Status

Experience Cisco Contact Center components, network connectivity, system performance, and active calls - all in real-time.


Catch every possible error or opportunity with integration to your favorite CRM/TMS like the ServiceNow® Platform or Zendesk.


Identify problems before your customers do.


Create tickets automatically to provide your engineering team with troubleshooting steps.

Future Focused

Extend or integrate with any API easily, so you’re ready, instantly for what’s ahead.


Experience Cloverhound’s well-recognized customer service and support.

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