We build world-class customer experiences

Cloverhound is a leader in building omni-channel customer experiences on top of best-in-breed contact center platforms

Meet Cloverhound Connect, our latest solution designed to meet the increased demand for virtual services.

What we do

As an agile team with highly concentrated tech talent, we serve a variety of needs and create high-quality professional service solutions that deliver impact.

Contact Center

With our expertly trained, custom development skill-sets and a team of engineers focused solely on these capabilities, there’s no limit to our Contact Center solutions.

App Development

We develop API integrations built for two things the world needs now more than ever: connection and collaboration.

Unified Communications

Full product set support, video capabilities, and remote access delivers full-on integration.


Meet our products

Imagine doing business anywhere and delivering easy, virtual experiences, at any time - safely and securely, all powered by Webex.

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Cloverhound Connect

Meet today's need for virtual services with Connect, an easy-to-use, safe and secure experience you can access from a variety of devices.

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Vigilus main page


As the only monitoring solution purpose-built for Cisco Contact Centers, Vigilus is insightful, intuitive, responsive - and built with the future in mind.

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Finesse main page

CTI Finesse Plug-in

With seamless functionality, the Cisco CTI Finesse Plug-in can be fully embedded within Salesforce, the ServiceNow® Platform, and Zendesk, delivering optimization and efficiency.

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Omni Suite main page


Omni Suite is the perfect companion for your Cisco Contact Center, designed to elevate your customer experience.
With omnisuite you can see all previous customer interactions regardless of what channel they came through. You can also add channels to you contact center such as Whatsapp, Facebook and chatbots.

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Quality manager main page

Collab Suite

Collab Suite empowers you to maximize the value of your Cisco infrastructure investment with utmost efficiency.

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We are trusted tech talent, customer service experts, innovators for the real world

We are a team that excels at the forefront of exploring and designing modern solutions that industries and businesses use every, single day - solutions that make processes more efficient and peoples’ lives easier.
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Meet the team

Why Cloverhound?

Cloverhound is an expert and leader in solutions that are the best of innovation and simplicity.

We excel at creating custom solutions that perfectly fit the unique needs of Cisco Business Units (BUs), establishing us as a reliable partner in this specialized field.

Proven proficiency in developing solutions within the Cisco Ecosystem, with a solid history of delivering projects that align with Cisco technologies and platforms.

Expertise in the integration of software and networking solutions, with  successful projects and satisfied clients.

Experience in full stack and mobile development with a versatile skill set in both front-end and back-end technologies, enabling the creation of user-friendly applications.

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