Omni Suite

Omni Suite is an omni-channel solution that complements Cisco Unified Contact Center Express by allowing agents to interact with customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Telegram directly from the native chat interface of Finesse.

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Experience the Omni Suite today.
Omni Bot
Omni Bot is a smart virtual assistant designed for natural conversations, capable of automatically responding to common questions and completing tasks when interacting with customers.
Omni Connector
Omni Connectors acts like a bridge, connecting platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with Cisco contact centers.
Omni Context
Omni Context keeps track of past customer interactions  with each customer and then provides agents with the necessary contextual information for future interactions with the same customer.
Omni Video
Omni Video Agent offers the possibility to escalate any customer interaction, whether it's over the phone or chat, to a video call.

Omni Bot

Omni Bot is a highly versatile service that replicates the responsiveness and actions of a human agent, significantly enhancing the user experience.

To achieve this efficiency in communication, it leverages advanced tools like Google's Dialogflow, enabling it to understand natural language and provide coherent and helpful responses to people's questions and requests.

Furthermore, Omni Bot operates through various communication channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others, ensuring that users can interact with it through their preferred platforms, increasing its accessibility in different communication contexts.

Diagram that explains how Omnibot works.
The client communicates through a channel such as WhatsApp or Facebook and the Bot answers the messages using Dialog Flow.
If necessary, the Omnibot directs the conversation to the agents.

Omni Connector

Omni Connector is our cloud-based service designed to integrate various chat channels with Cisco's contact center solutions.

This versatile connector serves as a bridge between these different communication channels and Cisco's Contact Center platforms.

Depending on the specific Cisco solution in place, whether it's the Customer Collaboration Platform (CCP) for UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express) or Cisco ECE (Enterprise Chat & Email) for UCCE (Unified Contact Center Enterprise), Omni Connector ensures a smooth and integrated flow of communication. By facilitating this connection, Omni Connector enables organizations to deliver efficient and unified customer service experiences across different channels within the Cisco Contact Center ecosystem.

Diagram that explains how Omni Connector works.
The client communicates through a channel such as WhatsApp or Facebook and If necessary, the Omnibot directs the conversation to the agents.

Omni Context

Omni context is a specialized software designed for contact centers.
Its primary function is to improve customer service interactions by providing comprehensive context to agents. This means that the complete conversation history between the chatbot and the customer is transmitted to the agent.

By equipping agents with this valuable contextual information, Omni context empowers them to better understand the customer's needs and preferences, resulting in more effective and personalized assistance.

This approach to customer support not only improves the overall customer experience but also enables agents to resolve issues more efficiently, making Omni context a valuable tool in modern contact center operations.

Omni Context mockup