Collab Suite

Collab Suite is a set of applications that complement Cisco's collaboration solution, specifically Cisco Unified Contact Center Express.

Collab Suite allows you to make the most of your investment in Cisco infrastructure effectively.

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Experience the Collab Suite today.
Quality Manager
Assess the quality of your company's phone interactions.
We offer you an integrated platform with 2 modules:
Call recording module and Satisfaction survey module
Collaboration Manager
Gain greater visibility into telephone call expenses , establish polices for the use of your contact center and reduce your operational cost.
Contact Center Manager
With Contact Center Manager, you can easily manage outbound campaigns and quickly modify your company's IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems.
Live Stats
Real-time statistics are crucial for effective Contact Center management. With Live Stats, you'll have readily accessible, user-friendly information that simplifies your day-to-day operations.

Quality Manager

Monitor customer interactions through call recordings and gather their feedback and input through surveys.

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Agent Improvement
Use the information and insights to make continuous improvements to agent training programs, facilitating their professional growth, and regularly offering them constructive feedback to aid in their development.
Call Search
Collect feedback from your customers through surveys via IVR and chat. Conduct call searches based on criteria such as date and time, destination extension, source extension, call duration, and more.
Get valuable insights about your customer's needs and opinions from your customers by surveys through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and chat channels.
Unlock a world of actionable insights, data-driven decision-making, and improve operational efficiency with AQM.

Collaboration Manager

With Collaboration Manager, we facilitate level 1 support and the management of your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

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Level 1 Support
With a user-friendly interface, we empower first-level support to quickly resolve requests in a controlled environment.
Lower Cost
Collaboration Manager helps you reduce operational expenses.
Policy compliance
Implement call policies for your Cisco call center.
Delegate tasks
You can delegate the management of certain tasks in CUCM

Contact Center Manager

Manage your contact center easily and without technical expertise the Contact Center Manager allows you to quickly create, edit, and delete IVR options without relying on the IT department or your contact center provider.

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Menu update
The Contact Center Manager system empowers you to maintain the currency of menu options, eliminating the need for specialized technical knowledge or skills.
Audio Recording
You can capture audio recordings using either a mobile phone or a personal computer and then convert them to MP3 using the Contact Center Manager platform.
IVR options
It allows you to create menu options from a web interface, as well as edit and rearrange them using the drag-and-drop function.
The menu options can be customized to direct the call to either a queue or an extension.

Live Stats

Live Stats provides a real-time data visualization solution for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express.

The system continuously extracts statistics from your contact center and presents them in a graphical format, making it easy to interpret visually.

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Real-time visualization
It allows you to track the performance statistics of your contact center. Visualize all the calls handled and abandoned by a specific agent during a day, along with the current day's service level.
Maintain your service level
Live Stats platform helps you to automatically calculate the service level of the contact center based on the guidelines established by the customer.
Advanced Filtering Features
Live Stats enables you to filter easily and quickly by various criteria, providing a streamlined approach to managing your data. You can filter by agent, call queue, wait time, source and destination numbers, work duration, date and time, talk time, and call initiation time.
Thanks to color indicators, you can see the status of a queue at a glance.